This blog has been a long time coming…..I’ve been a little busy since my last post about 10 months ago (yikes!)…let’s see –

I’ve had a baby girl.

She’s 7.5 months.

Time flies.

I have sooooo much to share about how life has changed for me since Bobbi Elle has come into my world…but have not had the time to do so. TIME…major thing that’s changed…I have far less of it now….

I wanna share how awesome my delivery was and my experience with being induced….wanna talk about how awesome my doula was.  How having my cousin, sister and husband by my side made me laugh and want to choke them at different points – at the same damn time.

How my first night was with a newborn…how they left me with no instructions…or manual.

How my first drive home was and walking into my home with her….

Breastfeeding!!!! I wanna talk about giving the baby the boobies….

I wanna talk about how great it was to be on maternity leave and focus solely on her….and share how awesome my family and friends were during this time.

I wanna share when i finally felt a little normal (about 6 weeks in)

And how I kept note of every time she pooped, peed, nursed – on the awesome Total Baby App.

Oh – I wanna talk about eating my placenta!!!!!!!

And I wanna talk about getting back to work….

Being overwhelmed…..

Being part of winning a THIRD NBA Championship….

Partying up championship night and thinking about my baby the whole time…

Let’s discuss alcohol test strips for breastfeeding mamas #WINNING!

Traveling….with a four-month old….TO CHINA….and everywhere else in between….

I need to share how I have packing down pack for a baby…thanks to a super cool app….

How it felt good to be back in the kitchen cooking again….

Her 6 months birthday mini celebration…that never really was…

Seeing her crawl…grow two teeth…and FINALLY hearing her mutter – MAMA…

And how I’m super tired, worn out, overwhelmed – but somehow, having the best time of my life!

See….there’s so much to catch up on – and I may never get to it…but just know – its been a RIDE!!! And I am so so so grateful to GOD for taking me on it.  Motherhood is a blessing and a privilege…and I’m grateful he chose me!