You know that line we tell ourselves “I’ll start working out again on Monday.” Well its Tuesday and I finally made it back to the gym after taking a month off…Decided I’d ease my way back in with my favorite gym past time – yoga!

And I quit…failed…just walked outta my yoga class…gave up 30 mins into the class cause I didn’t have one more downward dog in me. Mind you, I’ve been doing yoga now for over a year and a half and never walked out of a class…so as I looked around planning my great escape – I see bodies as flexible as rubber bands…barely breaking a sweat…looking like they were in an orgasmic state of onesess with the earth. Meanwhile, I’m already tired, outta breath, looking anxiously at the clock – and we were just getting past the meditation/breathing stage.

Not sure why I gave up…this was my big Monday workout comeback – on Tuesday…now I did take a zumba class before the yoga – but that never stopped me before. Either way – I looked at my sister, Donna who I begged to come with me and told her that I was ready to go…wrapped up my mat, threw on my socks and sneakers, held my head up high and walked outta the class. I patted myself on the back for my 30-minute breath workout.

Some days you have it in you and other times you don’t..I’ll start again on Monday.  Namaste.