Its been four years since Bobby and I hung out randomly one night…me barging in on his plans that he was making with my assistant (one of his boys-Nile) to hang out at a local lounge/restaurant….it was the week before a major fundraising event that I managed for the Overtown Youth Center and I was stressed and needed to get out….

Overhearing them make plans for what sounded like a “boy’s night out” – I not only inserted myself into the plans, I also requested that he come pick me up because I wouldn’t feel like driving…he obliged.  We barely knew each other, but I figured that Nile was going to be there so I would be okay.

I knew Bobby was a cool guy from seeing him around the center working with the kids…what I didn’t know was that night would change my life forever….

Four years later – its 2:45AM and I look over lovingly at my husband thinking – how funny life is….I waited so long for my prince charming and little did I know that he would come in the form of Bob Metelus.  That night, on March 7, 2008 – I thought he was coming to pick me up to hang out for the night – what we didn’t realize was that we were just taking that first step in our journey together as soul mates and partners – for life.

Four years later – its 3:30AM and I look over at my husband….listening to the melodic sounds of his snores…some high pitches..some low…some breathy…some deep.  I’m annoyed. I want to sleep.  And I finally give in and with a firm/gentle shake/slap – I ask him with a sweet yet strong tone – to turn over (the snores that stem from sleeping on the back are generally the loudest). As he deliriously turns over, mumbling words to himself – I think to myself…this is life…this is love…this is marriage.  And I love me some him….

This is us on New Year’s Eve 2011 going into 2012…happy happy joy joy…You’ll be hearing so much more more…of The Mets!